Veritas Register of Shipping Ltd. provides different types of trainings such as on-the-job training, self-administered training, external training courses on annual base for VRS Head Office staff and for authorized Surveyors in order to achieve a higher level of productivity and quality for continues improvement of the professional qualification.  The on-the-job training and self-administered training is performed by VRS Technical Expert or Tutor.

The External training courses are performed as per requirements of RO CODE, Item 4.2.7 and in compliance to IMO Model Course. External training course are performed annually by our long term Partner MRS. LIBEROASSURANCE TRAINING CENTER who is recognized internationally. LIBEROASSURANCE operates as:

  • a Certification body, accredited by two Accreditation Bodies, IAS (USA base) and E.SY.D (EU based);
  • since 31/10/2019 LIBEROASSURANCE is Accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs as a Continues Professional Development Training Center Level 1 with ID 2101338.

The LIBEROASSURANCE TRAINING CENTER provides professional seminars, live courses in LiberoCentre premises and corporate training solution.VRS is ready to provide training courses based on the experience, skills and knowledge.


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