VRS is approves and verifies ships manuals, plans, drawings, booklets in accordance with International Conventions, Codes and Rules for Constructions of Sea-going ships. The approval or verification is subject of delegation of authority by Flag Administration. The below mentioned Manuals, Plans and Booklets, which are approving by VRS, but not limited:

  • Trim and Stability Booklet
  • Inclining Experiments
  • Damage Stability Booklet
  • Grain Stability Manual
  • Bulk Cargoes Loading Booklet
  • Trim and Stability for Timber Cargoes
  • Cargo Stowage and Securing Manual
  • Freeboard Calculation including Longitudinal Strength Calculation.
  • Tonnage Measurements
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan
  • Garbage Management Plan
  • Ballast Water Management Plan
  • Sewage discharge Rate Calculation
  • Emergency Towage Booklet
  • Fire and Safety Plan
  • Ship Security Plan and Ship Security Assessment
  • Safety Management System
  • Maritime Labour Manual
  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan
  • Inventory Hazardous Materials Plan, Part I & II
  • EU MRV
  • Ships drawings & plans

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