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“Veritas Register of Shipping LTD.” known as VRS, Established in 2008 at Venezuela Barcelona and on 2012 moved to London – UK.
In January 2015 the completed all arrangement and legal requirements obtained to establish the new Head Office of VRS at Batumi / Georgia as it was decided earlier at the top management board meeting.
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General Servicesserv1

Availability of highly competent human resources as well as a network of surveyors enables”Veritas Register of Shipping LTD.” to provide the following Services at extremelycompetentcosts and with unmatched professionalism, any where in the world.

1. Classification of Ships as per Society Rules and Regulations.

2. Statutory certification of the above.

3. Certification of Marine Components as per Societies Rules and Regulation

4. Approval Service Suppliers such as, Radio Surveyors, firms, servicing stations for Life Saving and Fire fighting appliances, etc.

5. Documentation Services, such as approving of Ships plans, manuals, booklets, drawings.

Advisory services to the Marine Community, including Flag states, owners, operators,

shipbuilders, repairers, Port Authorities, etc. in the fields of Naval Architecture, Marine

Engineering, Management Systems, Risk and Maritime Law, Business Process

Reengineering and other related fields.

Ships Classificationserv2

Classification activity consists, principally, in the development and issue of the classification Rules & Regulations.

The Rules, taking into account the applicable provisions of international conventions, specify technical requirements which ensure: the ship’s strength and, where necessary, the watertight integrity of all elements of the ship’s hull and its superstructures, adequate level of safety and reliability of the propulsion and auxiliary machinery essential to ensure that the ship is fit for its intended service.

Furthermore, by performing classification survey of different types of floating units under construction and/or in service, VRS verifies the implementation of the Rules requirements.

VRS conducts also Classification Survey of refrigerating plants under construction or in service and after installation on board.

A ship built according to the Rules is assigned VRS class, which is entered in the Register Book and the ship’s classification documents. Classification Regulations, which are part of the Rules, determine the scope and system of surveys of ships in service, carried out by VRS Surveyors in order to ascertain the ship’s compliance with the requirements of the Rules.

Materials, products and appliances, covered by this classification Rules, are also manufactured under VRS supervision.